Two Conures, Meet Baby Our Sun Conure And Lynyrd Skynyrd Our Jenday Conure

Two Conures

Welcome to Our Two Conures


Baby Our Sun Conure

We became the fortunate owners of Baby several years ago and it didn't take long for her to become the head of the house. She is one of the most affectionate birds anyone could hope to have as a pet, and she has taken on the role of protector. We first became aware of Baby one evening when our daughter Barbara, an owner of two parrots, came to our home and infromed us about her. The owner of Baby had decided that Baby had become too much for her young son to handle and had decided to get her son a cockatiel instead. Personally I think the bird had started biting the boy out of defense as he liked to carry Baby in his pocket. Nevertheless we became the owners of Baby and her cage and have loved her ever since. Baby is not as noisy as some claim Sun Conures to be.


Lynyrd Skynyrd Our Jendaya Conure

Lynyrd Skynyrd Is a Jendaya Conure who had been neglected and came to us after our daughter Karen could no longer keep him since she was about to give birth. Karen had gotten Lynyrd through our daughter Barbara from someone who cared about the bird and offered to find a good home for him. The original owners had given lynyrd the run of the house and allthe attention that birds require until they had their first baby. Once the baby was born Lynyrd was moved to a room by himself and recieved less attention. As a result he became extremely noisy and violent. He would attack if you neared his cage and if he ever got out you could recieve serious bites from him. Since Karen could no longer take caer of him we decided to take him in and give him the attention he required hoping to rehabilitate him. After 2 years of constant attention we are now able to approch the cage and carefully touch him. He is less noisy and I am now able to handle him and have been allowing him to leave his cage for short periods. He is able to speak a little clearer that Baby and can say his name Lynyrd Skynyrd, hello, and several not so nice words which we are working on.


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Edited_March 15, 2004